Virginia Prostate Cancer Center




About virginiaprostatecancer

Dr. Anshu Guleria is a graduate of Kent State University and Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine with combined BS and MD degrees. He completed his general surgery training and a fellowship in renal transplantation at the Washington Hospital Center. Dr. Anshu Guleria and his staff at the Virginia Prostate Cancer Center have considerable experience in minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer. They will take the time to sit down with you to see if HIFU is the right prostate cancer treatment for you. When HIFU became available in North America, Dr. Guleria studied the reports of its use in Europe and decided that HIFU is going to be the next evolution in localized prostate cancer therapy. Dr. Guleria is the most experienced doctor practicing HIFU for Prostate Cancer in Virginia and he looks forward to helping you decide what is the best prostate cancer treatment option for you.
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